Your 3 Step Guide For A Festive And Clean Holiday Home

Whether you have out of town guests coming to stay overnight, or you’re just hosting the annual family Christmas dinner, December is an especially busy month for most people. 

Between the shopping, wrapping, and baking, it’s no wonder you’re finding it especially challenging to keep up on daily home cleaning tasks!

But even if you’ve let some of the housework slide, it’s not too late to get things picture perfect in time for your company. 

We’ve created this 3 step guide that will help you work through your “must do” tasks, and get your home fresh and festive before the hosting begins.

You can begin this guide three days before party day, or you can tackle days 1 and 2 earlier the week prior, if that’s what your schedule allows. 

But – be sure to go over Day 3 tasks on the day your company arrives so that all last minute details are attended to.

We suggest having a family meeting with any other household members and splitting up the tasks. 

If you get all hands on deck, or hire a little extra help, you’ll have a beautiful holiday home that you can relax in and enjoy in no time. 

Day 1

Today your job is to tackle all of the necessary washing.

  • Bedding And Upholstery 

Gather up bedding, bath and entry rugs, shower curtains, throw blankets, window treatments, and even any washable cushion covers, pillow covers, and other upholstery. 

Start your washing machine early, and make sure you don’t over pack your dryer. Try to pull your laundry right out the moment it’s done so you can avoid ironing!

  • Windows 

While your laundry is moving along, vacuum window screens, wash out sills, and shine the glass in all of your windows.

  • Baseboards 

Take a damp cloth and some all purpose cleaner and give all of your baseboards and heat registers a good wipe down

Day 2

Today your job is to do some deep cleaning and decluttering.

  • Bathrooms

Scrub the toilets and tubs, neaten up cupboards and cabinets, and shine the mirrors and fixtures. 

Before you move on from each bathroom, stock with fresh soap and toilet paper, and thoroughly wipe all surfaces.

  • Kitchen 

Start by polishing appliances, like your fridge, dishwasher, and stove. 

Clean out your microwave and garbage disposal, and wipe down surfaces like the stove, fan hood, counter tops, cupboard faces. Lastly, scrub and polish the sink.

  • Bedrooms, Dining, and Living area

Declutter and dust all common areas – don’t forget lamps and ceiling fans!

Day 3

Today is the party! Time for last minute touches. 

  • Wipe down bathrooms
  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop all floors
  • Take out the garbage and hang fresh towels
  • Check any decorations! Sweep up stray pine needles, straighten stockings and wreaths, and dust centerpieces.
  • Add special party touches like pine scented candles, cinnamon essential oils in your diffuser, or turn on some twinkle lights and holiday themed instrumentals.
  • Poor yourself a fancy drink and get ready to enjoy your guests!

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