The Ultimate House Cleaning Checklist For Halloween

checklist to clean your house




Cleaning house is a chore that almost nobody enjoys, and cleaning up after Halloween can be a specifically messy job. You have a variety of elements that can contribute to your house’s mess. This can be especially so if you decide to have a Halloween party, or if you have kids running around. Everything from pumpkin messes to costume makeup can add to your mess. Be ready this year by following this checklist.



Carving pumpkins is a great tradition and many kids have so much fun doing it. However it comes with a certain mess that is specific to this activity. The biggest and messiest step involves clearing all the guts and seeds from the pumpkin. If you have kids engaging in this fun activity then this can get very messy. One way to keep the mess at a controllable level is by laying out some type of barrier. Before starting, lay out newspapers or even an old sheet. This will make carving pumpkins fun and stress free for everyone involved.

Candy Stains

Your kids are going to go out and get a whole bunch of candy, including chocolate and gummies and hard candies. While trick or treating is fun for the kids, it can lead to a big mess in your house. Chocolate is especially messy when it melts. It can get on the kids clothes when they eat it, and when they sit on your couch or lay on the floor they can track it all over the house. The best way to treat chocolate stains is by soaking them with soda water. Here is a step by step guide that will teach you the best way to clean chocolate from fabric.


checklist to keep your house clean

Costume Makeup

Everyone loves dressing up for Halloween. Teenagers and young kids alike love to try and dress up as scary as possible by adding costume makeup and in some cases, fake blood. This is all great fun but is conducive to making a huge mess. Costume makeup is fairly easy to clean if you know what to use. We suggest using a liquid laundry detergent for makeup stains, like lipstick or face paint. For easier stains it’s best to think simple: soap and water.

If you’re worried about keeping a clean house this Halloween, then worry no more! Follow this checklist to keep your house clean and tackle all those stains before they get worse. If it get bad enough, don’t hesitate to schedule a  Have a fun Halloween.

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