Summer Cleaning Tips To Help You Survive The Heat

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Summertime is officially around the corner, and the last thing you want to think about is cleaning your house. Summer cleaning can definitely be a hassle, but with it brings great benefits that will make your summer even more enjoyable.

We’ve rounded up our top four summer household cleaning tips that will be sure to start your season off right and help you beat that California heat.

Tip 1: Keep Your Fridge and Freezer Clean and Stocked

With the temperatures rising, you and your family will find yourselves reaching for refreshing beverages and cold snacks. Having a deep cleaning session with your refrigerator and freezer isn’t exactly the date night you may be looking for. However, this house cleaning tip will certainly pay off, we promise!

First, remove all items from both your fridge and freezer and give those shelves a good scrubbing. While all of your food and drinks are removed, use this opportunity to get rid of unwanted items. This will free up extra space for the summer snacks you want to have handy to keep you cool and satisfied all summer.

BEAT THE HEAT: Cleaning the coils behind your fridge can help it run more efficiently, cutting down on the heat it releases throughout the room.

Tip 2: Keep Your Space Clear and Light

The summer always brings with it an increase in house traffic. Not only are kids out of school, but you probably see family from out of town much more often as well. Any extra furniture, blankets, and decor that felt cozy and comforting in the colder months may now seem bulky and in the way.

Walk through each room and select items or furniture you won’t need around during the summer and put them into storage. You can also work to put smaller items in designated areas that are out of the way. This will open up your home, making it feel more spacious and light, as well as free up space for visitors. Want an extra tip? Keep your home smelling fresh with an essential oil diffuser. Choose refreshing scents such as spearmint and lemon.

BEAT THE HEAT: Clearing out the clutter can help keep air conditioning vents from being blocked, improving overall air flow.

Tip 3: Cut Down on Dust and Grime

Those bright sun rays streaming through your windows can be an inviting sight in the summer. They can also bring attention to the dust and grime that’s been accumulating all winter long. You will also want to lower those dusty blinds and run the ceiling fans to keep cool.

Use microfiber cloths for trapping dust particles instead of just spreading them around; this is a particularly good idea if you have dust allergies. Moreover, cutting down on the dust in your home can also keep your air conditioning filters cleaner for longer periods of time.

BEAT THE HEAT: Keeping your clothes dryer vent clean and unclogged can keep it from overworking. Your dryer running on overtime to dry your clothes will not only run up your energy bill, but it will also heat up your house.

Tip 4: Give That Grill a Wash

Can we all agree that grilling is the epitome of summer? It’s time to pull that barbeque out of storage and get it in tip-top shape.

Safety when grilling is extremely important. Having a dirty, grimy grill can not only negatively affect the taste and quality of your food, but can also start a fire. Give that grill a good cleaning before breaking it out for the season and stay safe!

BEAT THE HEAT: Taking advantage of your grill for preparing meals can decrease the use of your kitchen oven and stovetop, which will keep your house cooler.

Need Some Help?

The summer can easily become the busiest season, pulling you in all different directions at once. Cleaning the fridge coils or removing dust in all of those hard to reach places can be the last thing you have time for. Having your home professionally cleaned by a 5-star house cleaning company not only saves you time but will ensure no nook and cranny goes unnoticed. Call Anjalyne House Cleaning for an estimate today!