Sping Cleaning List: Don’t Miss A Thing!

spring cleaning list

Spring has come — that should keep Ned Stark references down for up until the fourth quarter of the year (or at least when a Game of Thrones promo blows up again). Take a look around your house: When was the last time you took the time to clean and organize your domestic space? You may have been procrastinating on your chores due to inclement weather but now’s your cue to get your hands dirty. If the task seems daunting to you, a spring cleaning list would give you some guidance on how to start.

Lucky for you, i Dream Of Clean has compiled The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for people in the exact same situation as you. And it’s impressively comprehensive.

Here’s an excerpt from their list:

Overall Spring Cleaning Chores

  • dust crown molding and baseboards
  • dust ceiling corners
  • dust baseboards and clean scuff marks
  • dust/wash light fixtures and lamps
  • dust ceiling fans
  • wash doors (look for scuff marks)
  • wash walls
  • touch up paint
  • vacuum or wash window curtains
  • wash window blinds
  • clean windows
  • dust bookcases
  • polish wood furniture
  • wipe down and vacuum furniture (clean the base and under cushions)
  • condition leather furniture
  • remove stains from upholstered furniture
  • vacuum and wash lampshades
  • deep clean hardwood, tile, linoleum, and carpet flooring
  • shampoo carpet (DIY or schedule a professional)
  • remove rugs to shake out, then vacuum, then clean under them
  • vacuum all flooring, including corners and edges
  • clean air vents
  • dust around mirrors, picture frames, and wall hangings
  • replace light bulbs
  • change air/furnace filter
  • replace batteries in smoke detector
  • replace batteries in carbon monoxide detector
  • schedule chimney sweep
  • schedule termite or pest control maintenance

That might already be a lot for you but it’s just a fraction of a very, very long spring cleaning list.

Christine Satterfield, the author of the article, has list sections for specific areas of the house. This includes a spring cleaning checklist for the kitchen, the dining room, bathroom, etc.

Here’s an excerpt from the section that deals with the outdoor section of the house. This is important since seasonal changes naturally mean a lot of outside work:

Spring Clean Outside

  • sweep deck
  • power wash deck
  • stain deck
  • power spray siding
  • touch up paint trim, wood, doors, and shutters
  • power wash garage door
  • clean outside door frames
  • wipe away cobwebs
  • shake out entry mat
  • clean grill
  • clean and repair gutters
  • replace broken bricks, wood, or stone
  • clean outdoor light fixtures
  • wash outside windows
  • clean outside patio furniture
  • trim trees, bushes and shrubbery
  • check and repair sprinklers
  • inspect roof shingles
  • wipe away cobwebs
  • plant flowers
  • plant garden
  • add mulch
  • clean outdoor trash cans
  • clean out garage
  • wash and wax vehicles


i Dream Of Clean wants to teach people how to be clean, organized, simple, and productive all by themselves. However, some full-grown adults haven’t touched a brush for years — and for good reason! While we also recommend that you learn how to work on your chores yourself, the truth is cleaning takes up time you could otherwise use more productively. Time is money, and some people’s time are more valuable than others’. For example, if you’re earning $30 an hour, it’s way smarter to pay for a professional to take care of it for less.

That’s why Anjalyne House Cleaning exists: For people who value their time and energy. If you’re around Hollister and San Benito County looking for a cleaner, look no further.

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