Quick Clean House Tips

quick clean

We all know how cleaning our house is tiring. Not to mention it takes most of our time whenever we do so. Maintaining the cleanliness of our homes seems almost impossible especially if we have a full time job to attend to. There seems to be not enough time to clean or we feel too tired to move a muscle after a long hard day at work. That’s why this article offers quick clean house tips in order for people out there to maintain keeping a house clean despite working full time.

Quick Clean

There are various ways in keeping a house clean quickly. It’s all about strategy and creativity whenever we want to clean our house fast. Whether you do not have time to clean or you’re expecting some guests and need a quick fix, here are some basic tips in maintaining cleanliness.

  • Timing yourself for a certain amount of time helps because it pressures us to finish chores before the time ends.
  • Multitasking chores, although admittedly hard to do, also helps if we want to keep our house clean quickly.
  • Keeping a daily habit or log of small chores to do before going to work helps little by little in keeping our house clean.

The tips listed above are some basic things you could do everyday just to maintain the cleanliness of our homes. It is best to try and do these tips everyday in order to avoid clutter and maximize the time you spent on doing chores. Additional tips listed below are to be done optionally every day.

  • Make Your Stacks Purposeful

If you’ve got those coffee books and magazines lying around their useless and need a quick fix, stacking them one by one creates a minimal design effect and you’re also organizing the mess. Making a neat pile of books and magazines will bring order to a messy coffee table in a matter of minutes.

  • Baskets! Baskets! Baskets!

Storage baskets are a speedy and smart way that will help you organize your clutter. If you need to clean up a room quickly, a storage basket can be pretty handy because you can divide the clutter into several baskets, therefore saving you time and effort.

  • Contain Items in Bowl

We all have that little and tiny items lying around our house. Keys, coins, hair clips and pins can be put into a tiny bowl or plate to achieve a clutter-free environment. Not only is your house cleaner, but you won’t frantic every time you searched around for your car keys.