What Should My House Cleaning Schedule Be?

house cleaning schedule

Want to improve the quality of your life? Start with maintaining an effective house cleaning schedule. If you’re the type of person who cleans only when they can’t take it anymore, you’re doing damage to your temperament. Nothing’s as stressful as coming home to a dirty house. At the same time, nothing’s as soothing as coming home to a clean house.

Today, we’ll give you a simple and efficient house cleaning schedule that you can follow. Of course, if you’re too busy to nail every item on the list, you can always call us. But if you’re willing to put in some work, let’s scroll through it from least often to most often:


Efficient House Cleaning Schedule

Every Year

  • Clean Around Dryer and Vents
  • Clean Drapes and Curtains
  • Clean Fireplace and Chimney
  • Clean Out Gutters
  • Deep Clean Carpet and Upholstery
  • Deep Clean Windows

While it accumulates dirt all year, the fireplace and chimney don’t get real use until the winter — especially if you’re living in a place like San Jose, California. The fireplace should be fine left alone for the rest of the year, but you need to clean it once a year.

Some parts of our house change so subtly that we often forget how they look spotless. Cleaning them every year keeps everything brand new.

Here’s an article about why you need to have your air ducts cleaned.

Here’s an article about how gutter cleaning prevents roof damage.


Every Season

  • Clean Out Freezer
  • Clean Outdoor Surfaces and Furniture
  • Clean Stove Hood
  • Clean Under and Behind Furniture
  • Descale Coffee Maker
  • Scrub The Drains
  • Scrub The Garbage Bins
  • Vacuum Mattress
  • Wash Car
  • Wash Curtain Liner
  • Wash Pillows and Comforters
  • Wipe Inside The Fridge

 These are parts of your house that you can get away ignoring for 3 to 4 months. There are also items here that should get some cleaning as soon as the season changes like outdoor furniture and your car.


Every Month

  • Vacuum Vents and Woodwork
  • Dust and Clean Light Fixtures
  • Dust Blinds
  • Clean Your Dishwasher and Laundry Machines
  • Clean Out Vacuum

Apart from the dishwasher and laundry machines, these items should be easy to squeeze in with your weekly chores. However, cleaning it weekly wouldn’t make much sense either on an efficiency point of view.


Every Week

  • Change Bedding
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Do Laundry
  • Dust Furniture
  • Mop floors
  • Sanitize Sponges
  • Scrub Bathroom Surfaces
  • Toss Expired Food
  • Vacuum Floors and Furniture
  • Wipe Kitchen Appliances

Some people overlook sanitizing their sponges, tossing expired food, or wiping kitchen appliances (like the inside of your microwave) monthly. These get delayed until it gets “inconveniently dirty” (read: disgustingly filthy) However, there are serious health consequences if you get lazy with these items. So, do these religiously!


Every Day

  • Clean Coffeemaker
  • Clean Dirty Dishes
  • Make Bed
  • Sanitize Sinks
  • Sweep Floors
  • Wipe Down Counters and Tables

Making your bed is the easiest thing you can do as soon as you wake up. It will also get you started on a day of productivity.

For some people, doing the dirty dishes is a weekly chore. These are the same people who get food poisoning from the microbial culture that was allowed to grow on their kitchenware and tableware. Same with the people who don’t sanitize their sinks. Don’t be one of those people.