Cleaning Checklist Before Setting Up Home Decor For Christmas

home decor for Christmas

Make room for new blessings and gifts these coming holidays!

Everyone is busy with decorating their homes, menu plan, a headcount of attendees and wrapping their presents, but don’t forget to clean your place before moving forward! Here are a few tips on how to keep things clean and clutter free before setting up your Christmas decoration ideas.



Do you have things in your house that you’re no longer using? Maybe it’s been stuck in the storage for 3 months and you don’t even know that it still exists. You can donate them to a charity of giving them away to some relatives who might need them, they will surely appreciate it especially if it’s in good condition. Decluttering allows you to sort out the things you need from the things that don’t have any function in your household and someone else can put them in better use than being stored away.



If you still have your old tree, you can reuse it and decorate it with new and different ornaments. Easy, right? It’s cost-effective as well as long as the tree is in good condition. Your decors will give life to any tree.


Provide organizers for your stuff

When sorting out your things, you need to know where to place them. Create DIY storages or you can find a different way to store your stuff on existing storages around your home. Maximize the spaces by putting stuff under the bed or invest in a storage ottoman for dual purposes! Put little notes and labels on the storage for you to know when you need them again because who likes going through a bunch of random boxes after a year? No one. Place them in the category, for example, electronics, chargers, adaptors and gadgets are placed in a certain storage while on the other one is for tools. It’s a simple addition to your clean up but it works wonders!


Clean up first before adding new items at home

Ever heard of what people usually say, buy 1 and throw away 2? This means you won’t be hoarding too many items. Imagine having too much stuff and then stressing about how to store it all because it’s overwhelming. A total mess! Holidays followed by new items, lots of decor and visitors, we recommend that you ready your home.


Ensure a prosperous Christmas with these simple tips for a holiday clean up. Nothing’s more fulfilling than a well set up home!


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