5 Cleaning Hacks To Keep Your Home Spotless

Although cleaning seems to be a trendy activity among millennials (what with all the cleaning content available on the internet), most folks still dread to do it.

Who would pick it over watching TV or just enjoying a hot cup of cocoa, right?

However, cleaning is something everyone has to do at some point. It’s necessary for maintaining good health and just having a better and easier quality of life.

But it’s such a tiring activity, isn’t it? Especially when you only clean your home because it’s reached that level of nastiness that you can no longer bear.

Providers of professional cleaning services have some hacks you could try that will help keep your home spotless and smelling fresh.

These are all very easy to do every day, that when the day you’ve assigned for general cleaning comes around, you don’t necessarily have to dedicate your entire weekend to it.

Here are five cleaning hacks to try now.

Wash dishes and utensils right after you eat.

This doesn’t even take five minutes to do, especially if you live alone. You’ll keep your sink clean and empty, which is a tried and true tactic for keeping pests away. Also, there won’t be any eye sore every time you head to the kitchen.

Clean your microwave oven with lemon.

This microwave cleaning hack will not only get rid of the funky odor left behind by all the food you’ve heated in the microwave, but it will also disinfect it. Use half a cup of water in a bowl and squeeze an entire lemon into the water before adding in the fruit. Place all that in the oven and heat for three minutes.Wait five minutes before taking the bowl out and wiping the inside of the oven with a microfiber cloth or a new sponge. There’s no need for special cleaners that often have toxic ingredients.

Use the lemon from the microwave cleaning hack to shine faucets and shower heads.

Citrus fruits have acids that can break down mineral buildup or grime. Likewise, they have fibers that can polish dirt off. Use lemon, oranges and grapefruits to restore the shine of kitchen fixtures.

To clean the bathtub, give it a bath.

Give the bathtub a bath, but without you in it. Fill it up with water, add baking soda, pour in some vinegar, and just let the solution sit. This bathtub cleaning hack will get rid of soap stains and clear out the drain some.

If there are still some parts that need scrubbing, the chemical reaction between the baking soda and vinegar will have loosened the dirt already so you don’t need to scrub hard anymore.

Keep cleaning wipes in different parts of the house.

This is the easiest way to keep surfaces clean and stain-free. This is the easiest way to keep surfaces clean and stain-free. Take advantage of the affordable cleaning wipes you can purchase from the local grocer. Every time there’s a spill or a stain, or you see ants marching on your counter, you can just pull out a sheet and wipe away. Most of the time, you’ll find yourself wiping other surfaces as well to get the most out of the sheet.

Mess managed like a boss!