4 New House Decorating Ideas For This Year’s Latest Look

house decorating ideas

If you’re planning on redecorating your home or are starting from scratch on a new home, there are some great house decorating ideas to keep in mind this coming year.

Interior decorating trends are constantly changing but luckily for you, we’re here to help give you some great tips to make sure your home is decorated as tastefully as possible.

It’s important to get some good inspiration before you start decorating a home. You want people to walk into your common areas and be wowed by how tastefully done everything looks.

Interior Design Ideas

Many people will pay an interior decorator to design their homes, but with our help you can find some great new house decoration ideas that will make you look like a pro! Here is our list of the 4 latest and greatest interior decorating ideas:

new house decoration


The 60’s and 70’s had some great decorating trends that are starting to really make a comeback. There is a movement toward vintage design that has been appropriated in a way that it has a “new” feel to it.

Making this work isn’t easy, but when it’s done right it looks amazing. For example, add a vintage record player to a room and accent it with a contemporary painting with a 70’s feel. There are many ways to accomplish this effect, but finding the right accent pieces will be a bit of a hunt.


Looking back to vintage interior decorating, patterns have been popular from the 60’s well into the 90’s. Patterns fell out of style for the last couple decades, but are starting to regain traction.

Damask patterns are really starting to become in again, and for good reason! Damask can really make a room pop if done correctly.

house decoration ideas


Keep it simple. Whether it’s interior design or really any other type of design, there is a huge push toward simplifying. Simplicity brings you comfort, and having your common areas free of busyness or cluttered decor can make your home feel much more cozy.



People these days are becoming more and more infatuated with natural looking decor. Anywhere from bamboo furniture to live plants in your home is very much in right now. Even having some vines growing up a wall can give a room some life.

Decorating a home in a tasteful way is not an easy task. They say either you have good taste or you just don’t. However if you do ample research before starting and plan out how you want the rooms to look, you can decorate like a pro.


Once you have your home looking just the way you want it to, it’s important to keep up on all the cleaning so that your hard work isn’t overshadowed with dust and clutter.


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